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Max Hose Length 30 m. 90.

0800 PRO PAINT GEAR or email smithindustrial@xtra.

fc-falcon">The Wagner PS3.

Comes complete with a 5. Combined with a new nozzle design, this Airless spray system offers. Let us quote on your next spray gun.

HEA technology reduced pressure providing a softer and more controllable spray, resulting in up to 55% less overspray, providing efficient usage of paint with less paint wasted when spraying.

Wagner SF23 Pro 20 - Versatile and Robust Airless Diaphragm Spray Unit - Includes. Wagner ProSpray Airless Sprayers. Less Overspray:.

Graco FTX airless spray gun – 288430. .


0 l/min.

39. Wagner DIY Airless Sprayers.

<strong>Wagner Paint Sprayer – Control Pro 350 Extra Skid Unit. GST.


99. $ 1,505. .

(34) $572. . <strong>Wagner W95 Paint Sprayer uses High Pressure Airless Technology. class=" fc-falcon">Wagner ProSpray Airless Sprayers. Shop Now. 515 HEA Spray Tip & 310 Fine Finish Spray Tip “Combo” $112 plus GST.

Stockists of Graco and Wagner.

Excellent value for money. 0 litres per minute; however, if you need to spray intumescent coatings, a larger unit will provide the necessary litreage.

The newest model in the Wagner ProSpray Generation 3 Range - the PS3.


Graco Airless, HVLP, Line Marking & Handheld Spray Equipment.

Wagner’s Control Pro.

Graco Plural & Blasting Equipment.